HDC Data Centre Sdn. Bhd. (HDC) is one of the leading Data Centre Infrastructure Management Service providers for organizations who require high quality of data centre infrastructure to support their business critical applications. Our business is centered to provide high reliability, availability and serviceability facilities to meet the demands of today’s most competitive organizations.

HDC has become the first data centre in Malaysia and second data centre in South-East Asia to secure a Tier III Design Certification, meeting the high reliability and availability level accredited by Uptime Institute, USA on 23rd July 2012. Uptime Institute Tier Classification System is the highest, most distinct and complete data centre standard over any other data centre standards. It provides digital data centre guidelines to meet the high demands of data centre hosting services for continuous business operations.

HDC’s primary focus on providing end-to-end Data Centre Infrastructure Management Services in the following key business areas:-

Advanced data centre facilities services

Integrated business continuity solutions

Secured data offsite tape storage

Innovative data centre design and consulting services

Data centre resource management & support services


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