HDC operates from a designated cybercentre city in Shah Alam Malaysia. Offering unprecedented infrastructure facilities, it features world class Data Centre space facilities ready for Tier 3 modified but also flexible for construction of Tier 4 configuration. All space facilities can be custom designed, and are modular and scalable with high reliability, redundancy and availability.

Its high density Data Centre area is capable of catering 300w/ft2 and above. This is possible due to HDC’s adoption of the High Density Heat Containment technology in handling high density equipment and server racks.

As a high-technology provider in colocation and associated data centre managed services, HDC delivers comprehensive services capable of supporting its clients to securely operate, connect, monitor and maintain mission-critical ICT equipment. HDC services start with basic colocation (cabinets, cages, private rooms) and range scale up to fully outsourced data centre solutions for production and disaster recovery environment with total operational resiliency.

The data centre is designed and constructed by high caliber of professionals who have obtained Tier IV certification for Saudi Telecom data centre design from Uptime Institute Professional Body.

The design and construction of the data centre ensures that we deliver efficient, full redundancy, secured, reliable and high degree of service level to Maxis. It is fully equipped with dual Uninterruptible Power Supply, Precision Air Conditioning Systems and Generators to meet tier III and higher data centre infrastructure standard.

The entire data centre facility is managed by a comprehensive and advanced Command Centre Operation that is equipped with sophisticated equipment to monitor the operation around the clock.

Other supporting facilities such as fire detection and suppression system, water detection system, security system and other protection systems are installed in the data centre.

The major telecommunication service providers have also deployed Metro-e services to provide high bandwidth connections to meet our customers’ needs.


Purpose-built data centre building
Dual 11KV power source from 2 different national grids
2(N+1) redundancy infrastructure with high availability
Meeting Uptime Institute Tier III specification
Site Availability meeting 99.999%
Ultimate power 100w/ft2, upgradable to 15OW/ft2 and 10kn/m2 floor loading
High Density Heat Containment (HDHC) for high density room
Multiple and independent telecommunications service providers
Environmental management & Control
Safety & Tight Security Surveillance

Multi-Telco Last Mile ownership
Full Fibre, Giga & Wireless Network Redundant Dual Source & Redundant Power Data Centre Tier 3 & higher Infrastructure


HDC is supporting the development of a green data centre environment with products and programmes designed to improve energy efficiency. HDC is committed to doing its part to provide clients with a high-performance, low-energy data centre infrastructure solutions.

At HDC, our focus is on data centre efficiency. We provide products that increase productivity and reduce energy consumption. We work hard to encompass all elements of efficiency including energy, planning, processes, manageability, scalability and more.

The HDC Green Initiative Includes:

  • Preparation with recycled materials
  • Motion control auto lighting for
    energy saving
  • Leverage on natural ventiltation and natural lighting
  • Usage of high efficinecy power
  • Latest Cooling Technology - High Density Heat Containment ( HDHC ) for High Density Room
  • Multi-Stages of Power monitoring to enhanced efficiency
  • Green business process procedure



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